Brooklyn Sesame
introducing an all natural artisanal
Halva Spreads

Hailed by Tabletmag "as deconstructed halvah, a sultry spread of tahini and honey studded with roasted unhulled sesame seeds or pistachios, raw almonds, or organic toasted coconut", we handcraft our Halva and use only 100% natural, premium ingredients. 

Halva is a staple sweet of Mediterranean cuisine. Equipped with our Brooklyn sensibility and our passion for building flavor, we bring back this ancient recipe as a hand-crafted luscious halva spread that can be eaten with your favorite breads, as an elegant accompaniment to a cheese plate, on ice cream or pastries - or the way we like it - straight from the jar!

Halva Spreads

Imagine hand-grinding sesame seeds, folding in the finest honey, and then mixing in a delicious combination of nuts. For hundreds of years, people of the Mediterranean have delighted in this exotic treat, eating it with cheese, fruits and on handmade breads. Brooklyn Sesame takes this exotic tradition, mixes it up, and brings you a guilt-free slice of heaven. One taste and you’ll probably end up eating it straight from the jar!


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